Sunday, November 23, 2008

How Does Jesus Reveal His Power to Us?

My grade 3/4 Children's worship class and I studied the story of Jesus's first miracle today. Turning the water into wine. What better illustration than to make juice (not wine) from water. Combining a jug of water with a jug with juice crystals in the bottom was the extent of my miraculous capabilities. However, I think in the end most of them understood how important having wine was at this wedding. If you study the customs back then, wine at a wedding was a big deal and running out was an even bigger deal. More importantly, I wanted them to understand, the awesome, amazing power of Jesus our Saviour. We talked about the attributes to describe our Saviour, and then I asked them to write down what they had to say about how we see Jesus's power in our world today.

This is what they had to say:

1) make peple unsick

2) He gev Hs geslaat (Meant to say: He gives us personalities -- in French immersion, so writing in English does not come first, thus the "issues".)

3) snow srorms, wethr

4) by giving us Aunt Carrie

5) Puting snow on the ground

6) by make people

I thought they were pretty thoughtful/insightful. This is a fun crowd. They're a busy group, so you have to keep things moving and be very well prepared. They certainly keep my mind in high gear! They like this challenge of writing their own thoughts though. Thanks again Julie for giving me the idea with your Suday school posts.


  1. I just love the way Children write! : )

    Good on you for teaching the children, I so admire "sunday school teachers" for their love and dedication invested into the hearts of our young ones. Even though you don't teach my own children, "Thank-you".


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