Monday, November 24, 2008

Reading Break

Squirt is reading, but not reading well yet. She is not to the point that she voluntarily looks at words and reads them. She recognizes all her letters and sounds as well as sound combinations such as 'er', 'ar', 'ow', etc. She even recognizes some of the more diffcult words such as 'said' and 'little'.

We are working through the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It's a great book and really does work well. However, with Squirt, it is like pulling teeth to get her to focus from the begining to the end of a lesson. No learning to read in fifteen minutes a day here.

One reason for her lack of progress is likely the fact that there are already five avid readers in our home. There is always someone who will read to her. Ahhh! Sit back, fidget constantly relax, and listen. Who needs to read when someone else will happily do it for you?

I have to force myself not to compare her rate of progress with Beans. Beans(Feb) was ten months older than Squirt(Dec)at the same point in the school year. Beans is also a very fast learner. I think she inherited the Engineer's photographic memory.

I wrote all this to say that in order to save my sanity, we are taking a break from the reading lessons. The nice thing about this is, Squirt does phonics (which Beans never did), so she is still reading, she just doesn't realize it. Heh, heh, heh! I am such a sneaky mom!

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  1. I was told that kids will often alternate readiness to learn between reading and math. If she's not so interested in reading just now, focus on math for awhile :0)


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