Saturday, November 8, 2008

Operation Christmas Child

The kids look forward to filling their Operation Christmas Child (see here for the American site)shoeboxes every year. They love shopping for the stuff and trying to figure out how to fit it all in their boxes. We share lots of laughter over what would make suitable gifts for children who live in another country and then trying to fit it all in the boxes.

On Tuesday night, we went to our friends' church for a missionary presentation. They are doctors who work with the Luke Commission in Swaziland. What incredible stories they have to tell. What an interesting country and people. What a tragic toll the AIDS epidemic has taken on this nation. I was once again overwhelmed by how blessed we are and how much need there is in our world.

Anyways, in their video, they show two schools receiving Samaritan's Purse boxes from Operation Christmas child. The children were so excited, the noise they made was almost deafening. My kids were enthralled! They were still talking about it yesterday as we shopped for the things to put in the boxes.

Bringing in the bags of stuff.

Sorting it into four piles.

Do you think this will all fit in the boxes, Mom?


  1. The church we were members of when ds1 was young did this a couple of years. It was a lot of fun putting together the boxes and having ds1 help me.


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