Friday, November 7, 2008

Hard on the Eyes

Bobbie-Jo over at My Journey Home was told she hasn't been real on her blog and did a couple posts to remedy that. I thought it was really neat, so I figured I'd post a dose of reality here. This is our old classroom. Nice eh? It has been in various stages of disarray for almost an entire year now. (The eventual goal is to make it our music room -- sound proof walls and all).

At times the mess could not be helped due to the renovations going on in the other half of the basement, but there is no excuse for it anymore now -- except that I'm feeling overwhelmed by it. It's not just stuff all over the place, it's the mounds and mounds of paper that needs to be sorted through and filed or pitched. It's a nice job for a rainy Saturday, like tomorrow.


  1. I love your school-room. It looks like a place where there is a lot happening :0)

    I'll have to get some pics of ours... in a state of some disarray given our week.

    Ugh. I feel like I'm coming back from the dead... just a bit of drama there :0)


  2. I could show you some even scarier pictures of our master bedroom since we're still very much in the midst of our renovations ... but I won't! LOL There is a lot in there that I can probably toss or donate, but I too feel overwhelmed. Want to come help me when you're finished with yours? :o)

  3. Tidying is so much easier than organising. I usually get help for major filing jobs and such. At least a babysitter. It just requires soooo much brain power.

    I love school rooms. Julie is right, it looks like a lot happens there. :)


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