Sunday, November 9, 2008

Simply Sunday

It was a dark and dreary day here, and the temperature has dropped quite drastically from the Indian summer temperatures of earlier in the week. I think winter is well on its way soon.

Our pastor was on vacation, so we had one of the members of our congregation speak this morning. He talked about the persecuted church. Wow! I wonder how bold for Jesus I would be in those kind of situations? North Korea is one of the riskiest places for a Christian to live. If you're discovered, you face certain death.

After that sobering sermon, we met for fellowship at another family's home. Every other month families get together for coffee and fellowship after church. We are all assigned a group and we meet with these people for two years. It is a nice way to get to know other members of the congregation that we would not otherwise get to know.

I invited a family that was visiting our church this morning to join us, which they happily agreed to do. He and I went to highschool together and were even in the same drafting class for two years. They have just recently moved back to this area. We had a nice time getting to know each other.

The afternoon here was very quiet. I puttered, the Engineer computed :-), and the kids read.

We hosted Bible study tonight. Our new group is exactly what I needed to push me in my faith. It is a real growing experience and I always walk away inspired with more insight into my faith (or lack of). We are only supposed to meet from 6-8 pm (as we all bring our children with), but we often have such good discussions it is hard to tear ourselves away. We are studying Philippians. It's one of my favorite books.

Well, there you have it. Sunday in a nutshell. Maybe not so simple, but enjoyable nonetheless.


  1. Is your Bible study group something you do in place of a Sunday School class or in addition to? I am always curious about that when reading blogs. I know one church here does not offer Sunday School at all and does the "small groups" in place of it throughout the week. The church I'm a member of does have Sunday School but also has "small groups". Unfortunately, children aren't allowed to be brought along so I'm sure that makes it difficult for me and I'm sure others as well. I applaud your group for making that aspect easy for your members.

  2. Our church does not have adult Sunday school, but children up to grade 5 may attend SS during worship time.

    Every other Sunday night we have a formal worship service, but on the off Sunday members who choose to do so, get together in small groups. I think some meet at the church, but some also meet in homes.

    Ours is unique in the fact that we bring our children along. I really appreciate that fact. I also find that it has made this group far more focused on learning as we do need to get home to put our children to bed on time.

    We wee in a group last year where it seemed the big thing was to socialize -- not to grow in faith, wisdom, and knowledge. I am far more challenged this year.


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