Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Indian Summer

Mondays are always crazy here. Between six music lesson sessions, schooling, daily chores, and GEMS in the evening, I am never sure whether I am coming or going. As far as yesterday goes, add to that a migrane, (first one in over six months!!!) and an afternoon meeting, and I was pretty much toast by last night. I really didn't even notice how beautiful the weather was yesterday -- except that it was very mild.

Today looks like more of the same. Unless we do a couple more photo shoots yet, I doubt I will be able to be outside much this week to truly enjoy it. Perhaps, I can sneak in a leaf raking session, or some digging in the gardens. We shall see. I'm glad I haven't removed all the screens from our windows yet. At least I can open the doors and windows and enjoy the fresh air drifting through my house.

I love Indian summer! It's a last few days to soak in the warmth of the sun, listen to the children romp and play over the lush green lawn, and savour the smell of freshly fallen leaves. All too soon, it will too chilly to sit and soak, the children's sounds will be muffled by winter coats done up high, and the lawn will look brown and lifeless. God in His graciousness knows what we need in order to get through another long winter. Until we see the first snowdrops peeking their tiny heads out of the melting snow. Then we can rejoice at the fact that we did indeed survive another Canadian winter.:-)

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