Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You Know You Homeschool When...

This year before we began a new school year, I bought a large pack of pencils. I carefully sharpened four for each child and placed them in their boxes with all their new school books. Of course by the end of the first week, all of them were missing at least one of their pencils -- if not all four of them.

They of course then proceeded to accuse each other of pencil theft. This is why I have pencils that are very colourful. I can tell mine from theirs and justly accuse them of pencil theft :-) if I find my favorite pencil in their posession.

The big question the kids have is,"where do all our pencils keep disappearing to?" I've known the answer for awhile, but the kids themselves haven't clued in yet. No, the pencil monster doesn't eat them. This morning I was able to show them where many of their pencils end up. It's the couch!! The cushions on the couch were nicely covering up three pencils. Just so the poor old couch doesn't get all the blame, various other pieces of furniture are known to harbor pencils of all colours and sizes too.

Many of those very functional pencils I lovingly sharpened for the kids at the beginning of the year are still MIA, but I think the kids are getting the picture. They are the ones who leave them lying absoutely everywhere.

Shh! Don't tell them this, but their mom is a hoarder. Whenever I find one, I add it to my basket. I at least, don't run out of pencils. Now if only I could do as well with pens.

How about you? How do you handle the pencil situation in your home? Is this only unique to homeschooling?


  1. Pencils disappear in our house never to be seen or heard from ever again! Maybe your couch is the culprit??? LOL I know the culprit is most likely my little guy, but where he hides them away is a complete mystery.

    I'm a pen girl myself. For some reason I can't stand writing with a pencil.

  2. Lol! Just think how many pencils he'll have when he's ready to do writing -- if he can remember where he hid them!

  3. I, too, am a pen-girl :0)

    We just have a big bucket of pencils in the school-room. Having splurged for a new couch early this year (looks like leather, but probably NOT real leather, and I don't what it punctured...) it is off-limits to sharp pointy things.

    My oldest son squirrels pencils AND pens away to draw with... I find them in his Bible cover, and tons in his back-pack!


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