Sunday, November 2, 2008

Simply Sunday

It was a quiet Sunday this week. No great expectations. Just family time.

The minister had a very thought provoking sermon on giving. It was in relation to World Hunger Week in our church. It simply firmed up in my mind some of the thoughts that I have been having of late.

After church we went to my parent's for coffee and Krispy Kream (spelling) doughnuts. (Let me just say that KK doughnuts are not Canadian, and the one store they did open an hour away from us didn't even last a year. Tim Hortons is THE Canadian coffee shop -- why, I am still not sure. I have to say though, I REALLY like KK doughnuts!! I'm glad they're all gone or I would be sneaking another one right now). Mom, served us lunch too. Yum!

Upon arrival home, everyone changed into their "we're not going anywhere" Sunday afternoon comfies and scattered about the house with books, computers, or beadwork to keep us busy.

Later, the girls and I watched a chick flick, cozy under the comforter, with a big bowl of popcorn.

Best of all the Engineer made supper, which means I didn't have to cook all day. He's an excellent cook, but likes it if I suggest what to have. I made a great suggestion (hee hee) and he did an awesome job cooking.

Tonight, I am hoping to get some photos edited and printed. I now understand the line about the shoemaker's kid not having decent shoes. The photographers' kids' don't have any recent photos. Time to do some catching up.

Here is one I am thinking of enlarging really big. I love the neutralness of the colours as well as the fact that it could almost be anyone's children :-).


  1. Lovely photo! How nice that your hubs made dinner. My hubs does that occassionally on the weekend, and I just love it!

  2. What a gorgeous photo! It could have been any time in history, too (minus the camera part!).

  3. Really beautiful photo! I love that my hubby does most of the cooking ... and he enjoys it! It works well for us since I don't like to cook but really enjoy baking. :o)

  4. the photo is gorgeous! your sunday sounds just wonderful!
    i love it when my hubby cooks too, such a nice treat!!


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