Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yeah Right!

I thought this week was going to be a quieter week, but unfortunately, I am deluded in thinking this...

Yesterday, I packed up the four kids and went into the City to take Beans to the dentist. She is now the proud new owner of a set of railroad tracks on her top teeth. I am beginning to think our dentist is robbing us blind. How many eight year olds do you know wear braces? We'll probably be told she needs them again once all her adult teeth have grown in. Let me clarify though that she does have a serious bite problem at this time. Basically, she could eat a tomato through a tennis racket. :-)

Last night I had to go into the City again for a counselor's meeting for our GEMS club and for our Meet and Greet Night. I am very excited to be doing GEMS this year -- especially as I have two girls in it now. When I arrived home later, the Engineer informed me that one of the elastics popped off of Beans's, braces, so back into the City we'll all go again today.

With the ridiculous price of gas, I was very unimpressed to hear this -- not only that -- I was hoping for a nice chunk of time this afternoon to work on some filing, recording, and sorting. *Sigh,* and so goes my life. I even cut out all homeschool related extracurricular activities, and just kept the church activities this year. Unfortunately (I really shouldn't say it this way but...), both the Engineer and I are quite involved in church activities, and if they aren't time consuming they are fuel sucking. I'm not sure how much or even what else we can/should give up, but we do want to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with, be it finances and /or time.


  1. We've been hit up for a couple of years now that ds1 (age 9) needs braces. According to the dentists he has seen, it's essential that they need to do it NOW. I don't see all that much wrong with his teeth personally. I keep reading (on homeschool boards) and hearing that dentists are pushing braces on kids earlier and earlier. Better to take care of it earlier than later is the reasoning. However, I've seen many comments from parents that their children had to go through braces again as teens. Of course the dentists will argue against this. We have avoided it simply because we don't have insurance (even it we did, it would cover very little of the overall cost) and we don't have the extra $ to even do a payment plan option each month. I am leaving it in God's hands. That's all I can do right now.

    I hear you on the fuel situation too! We gave up one homeschool group activity we attended each month, partly because of fuel costs but partly because of lack of participation as well. A lot of months we would be the only family to show up and then I would fret and fume about all the gas I wasted driving there and back only to not have a meeting after all.

  2. Deborah,

    I think we have a bit in common... like the September camping trip :0) Isn't homeschooling great that way?!

    I'll be back for a longer look around :0)



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