Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fall Cleaning

I have been spending the past few days cleaning and tidying. A sort of early fall cleaning. Once we have a good hard frost, I'll do the major wall and light fixture washing, but until then it is pointless. The flys have been relentless in their seige on my house this year. There is at least one in every room and lots of what they like to leave behind anywhere and everywhere. Ugh!!

What I really need to do before the frost hits though, is some ruthless tossing, but I need a few decent blocks of time for that. I think, just maybe, next Saturday is wide open. I can hardly wait. I've also been waiting for the basement to be finished, but that process is still dragging on. Now we are waiting for our new flooring to come in...and waiting...and waiting. Once it arrives and is layed, I can start finishing that room. It will be such a relief!

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