Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And So It Goes...

It was another busy day around here. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I did get to spend a little of my day outdoors. There is definitely something appealing about warm days and cool nights that leave me invigorated! I think tomorrow afternoon, we'll hit the beach -- not to swim, but just to go for a nice long walk and maybe, just maybe, the kids will put up with a camera in their sweet faces for a few minutes.

I enrolled our crazy pup, Snoopy in a level II obedience/agility class. Today was her second week. She loves it! So much so, that she does a little happy dance with her front paws while waiting for her turn to run the agility course. I would love to get photographs of her, but the kids have AWANA on Wednesday nights too, so unless they miss a week there is no way I can run Snoop and the camera at the same time -- at least not if I want the camera to remain intact. :-)

On another note, we are trying something new with the children. I have been dealing with a few behavioural issues around here of late. Nothing huge, but enough to really start getting on my nerves. We are attributing a lot of it to lack of sleep. I had a lightbulb moment while on the lawn tractor yesterday afternoon. (Almost two hours of a droning engine really does enable some good thinking.:-)). A phone call with my mom later confirmed that lightbulb moment, so with the exception of AWANA night and GEMS and Cadet night (Mon), they are going to be in bed early. Squirt goes down at six pm because she takes the longest to fall asleep, Beans and Peach at 7:oo and Bub at 7:30. They weren't too happy about it, but I must say, I sure was!! I will also be waking them up when I get up, but thatcan range anywhere between 6:15 and 7:00. They can do their devotions in bed, but then they can get up get moving and get a good start on their day -- oatmeal and all. We shall see how it goes and how well the Engineer and I can stick to it. It will be interesting to see if I end up with some much happier children too.

And so it goes. The week is half over already. How time flies when you're having fun!

Snoopy, October 2007, 4.5 months old.


  1. Snoopy is too cute! I am dealing with behavioral issues as well. I don't know what approach I am going to take (at this point I'm just ready to bang my head on a wall). The earlier bedtime wouldn't work for us due to hubby's work schedule. He is often not home until 7pm or so and heads out of here anywhere from 6am to 6:30am - the kids would never get to see him or spend any time with him if we sent them to bed earlier. I hope this solution works well for you! I hope to mow tonight (good time for me to do some thinking as well LOL).

  2. It is definitely more difficult when hubby has to work long hours. We had an almost ten month span where my hubby had to work 14+ hours everyday. Then when he was home, his mind wasn't. Somehow we managed to get through it. I totally understand the urge to bang your head on a wall! :-)


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