Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Changes

This year we do not have a formal classroom. I wanted to try something different, as last year I found that no matter how closely I supervised the children, and how much I reminded and reprimanded them, they would constantly chatter and argue amongst themselves. It was enough to drive me crazy some days.

This year Bub who does have a desk built right into his room is at his desk there. One of the classroom desks was put up in the girls' room for Peach. Beans and Squirt sit at the kitchen table with me.

It is only three weeks into the school year and they are driving me absolutely mad with their constant chatter and arguing. I'm sitting two feet from them and still they go on and on and on... I even took disclipinary measures a few times.

Everyday it was well after noon before any of the children were done school. I expect that from the older two as they have more work, but not from the little girls. So, today I separated them, and wonder of wonders, Squirt was done before 11:30 -- and that was completing some work she didn't do yesterday too!

Beans now has a desk in the den, which we can easily move around if need be. I am also still within easy earshot of her if she needs me. Today she has also done far more work than in the previous two and a half weeks!

Thank you Lord, for this small wonder! I was beginning to think I was losing my mind and that perhaps homeschooling was no longer the right choice for us. I feel like I've just gained a little of my sanity back again.


  1. Hurray for what works!

    And, BTW, I love your four seasons of pics, on the right :0)


  2. Thanks Julie! I was just thinking the other day that it was time to update them again. After all they're almost a whole year out of date again now. :-)It's amazing how much they change in a year.


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