Sunday, August 17, 2008

Simply Sunday

It was a beautiful warm day today. No rain (yet), but earlier, we heard some thunder rolling in the not too far distance. How I love that sound! So powerful!

I had the opportunity to teach children's worship at the last minute with a couple of very talented young people from our church. We only had seven children this morning, so it was a quiet class. Ages four to seven. What a sweet bunch!

After church family time was spent with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and their children at my parent's home. We always have such good discussions riddled with moments of hilarity. My brother can come up with some of the funniest stuff.

The afternoon was quiet. The kids watched the Olympics. (It's the only time they're allowed to watch television, so even if it is an event that they're not too interested in, they'll stay fairly glued to the tv).

The Engineer and I soaked up some sun, read, and puttered about. I am finally putting my focus on the upcoming school year. Good thing too because we start a week from tomorrow.

I would leave off with a photo of my bouquet of gladiolus from the garden, but the other computer is still in for repairs, so unfortunately there will be no photos to break up my ramblings.

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