Saturday, August 16, 2008

Camping Aftermath

Sometimes I think it is more work to clean up after a camping trip than it is to get ready for it, but in actuality, that is not true.

When preparing for a camping trip things are readied over a course of days, but when home, it can all be completed immediately -- except that that immediateness takes time.

So, yesterday we retrived our dog from the kennel, dropped off the computer hard drive as it must have crashed while we were gone, (I am on the laptop), set up both tents -- one for cleaning and one for a small repair, did 5+ loads of laundry, wiped down and scrubbed some suitcases, aired out sleeping bags and air mattresses, and generally just found homes for all the stuff that we brought. It was a busy day, but we enjoyed it. The sun was warm the breeze was cool and the children played happily.

I will have pictures of our trip and stories to tell soon, but I am waiting for the return of the other computer. There are quite the stories to tell too. Remember, it always rains when we camp...


  1. It always seems to take me a week or more to unpack and get everything settled and put away after a trip! Your comment about it always raining when you camp brought to mind one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strips ... they go camping, it rains the entire time, and of course when they are packed and ready to leave the sun comes out. I look forward to your stories.......

  2. Lol! Calvin and Hobbes is a popular cartoon to read in our home. That particular strip would be exactly the way it happened for us this time.

    We'll see what happens when we go in September :-).


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