Monday, August 18, 2008

A Swim in Smalltown

A friend called me today to see how our ten day camping trip went. She invited us to join her and her children at the Smalltown swimming pool. I've been working on getting my schedule set and the children's curriculum in order, but I felt satisfied with where I was at (for today), so in less than ten minutes, the children and I were ready to head out the door.

It was hot hazy and humid today, and our pool is swimming with algae (not sure why we have had such a problem this year), so this was a real treat! We dove, we raced, we swam, and played the colour game (which I am very bad at!!) It was a lot of fun! When we were all swum (?) out, we rested on the deck until we headed off to the playground for a snack. Would you believe it was 5:30 when we arrived home?!?

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