Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yay! We Can Swim!

The kids were finally able to swim in the pool! In previous years, they have been in as early as June 4th, so this year, better late than never! They were looking for something to do this afternoon, so I suggested the pool. The response was, "You mean we're allowed now! I didn't know that!" Squirt was the first one in. She will spend hours in the water -- even if her lips are turning blue and she is shaking from the cold, she still sometimes won't get out.

Ahhh, nice cool water!

We had homeschool soccer tonight, so they were hot! Peach ( who is usually the last one in the pool and first one out) suggested a swim. So, off they all dashed to change into their suits. It is funny to watch them in the pool. A pool that once seemed so big, is now beginning to look ridiculously small -- even Squirt is head and shoulders above the water this year. I guess it is seriously time to start saving for something bigger -- especially as they are all serious swimmers. We have three on swim team this year. However, only the girls will be taking swimming lessons this year as Bub has finished level ten and now has to wait until he is twelve to take any of the Bronze ranks. He doesn't turn twelve until September. No Bronze Cross this year, but at least he can keep up his swimming skills by being on the swim team.

First one in!

Second one in!

Yikes! It's freezing!

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  1. Looks like loads of fun! I had to laugh about the "lips turning blue and shaking from the cold" - that sounds just like my oldest when the ocean temps dip down here during the winter months. It's comfortable being on the beach, but the water itself ... brrrrrrrrrrr! He will get in anyway and stay even though I know he's freezing.


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