Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Homeschool Material I Can Not Do Without

My teacher's planner is my most important piece of homeschooling material. Without it I am lost! The first one I ever owned was given to me by my Uncle. He obtained it from the Office Depot in Grand Rapids, I believe. Seeing as we don't live in the United States, and don't go there very often, I was at a loss at to how I was going to get a new one.

Thankfully we were due for our quarterly (give or take a couple months) trip to the big city and Costco a few weeks ago. We were so low on t.p., we were using tissues and would soon have to resort to newspaper if we didn't stock up soon! :o) Although, I did not find my planner at Costco and didn't even consider looking for one there, we did go to an AWESOME teacher's store which had several versions to choose from.

I chose this one, and I love the cover! It looks so one room school housish. Really though,I didn't buy it for the cover. I bought it because it is almost EXACTLY like my one from Office Depot. Now if only I could get filling it with next year's lesson plans!

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  1. I love She has awesome printable planners that I couldn't do without!


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