Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Party

We had a wonderful time at the party last night! Lots of food and great conversation. Our friends' three daughters were there for the first little bit and did a little talk on why they love their daddy. It was the cutest!! We all chuckled over the way they would practically tear the microphone out of each others hands to say their next piece.

It is a blessing to see that there are still couples out there that not only love each other, but have a deep respect for each other and even show honour to each other by planning a special night for their spouse. A night where others can celebrate with them, the blessings that the Lord has given them.

Congratulations J&H and girls! May our Lord continue to bless you!

Ha! This is us! Another happy and blessed couple -- even if we can't centre ourselves in our own pictures. :o)


  1. You look so great! Looks like it was fun. Their girls look so sweet too!

  2. Oh my! You are beautiful... so slim and model looking!


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