Saturday, June 14, 2008

Curriculum We've Covered

I have never kept a real record of my children's studies, until now. With Bub entering grade seven for 2008-09, I thought maybe I should start-- especially as there is a strong possibility that we may homeschool through highschool too.

I plan to begin with Squirt's curriculum that she covered this year. Seeing as she was in Senior Kindergarten there shouldn't be a whole lot. Heh heh! I delude myself! She covered a remarkable load of stuff! If only I had finished teaching her to read! I didn't want to push her though. Learning is supposed to be fun! She's been expressing an interest again, so I think we'll try it for a few weeks starting on Monday, and see how she does.

I know it will take me many hours to get all the stuff we covered this year recorded, but somehow I will feel better knowing I've done so.

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