Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In Stitches

Peach and Beans were occupied for a couple hours last Thursday learning a new skill. I had mentioned to Close By Gramma that at one of the blogs I like to visit -- Sew Blessed-- her daughter had learned to embroider and was enjoying it very much.

My mom had embroidered a layette for me when I was a baby and still had the transfers, so when she came by for a visit on Thursday, she brought it with. She and the girls promptly got busy. The girls loved it and needed very little help. I didn't even have hoops for them, but they managed very well.

Peach has expressed interest in doing a larger project. Before she starts though, I am going to have to get her a hoop. Beans will go with the flow, so if I get Peach one, I should get Beans one too. :-)

Of course, Squirt wanted to be included in the picture taking, so here she is with her favourite colours of embroidery floss, and a stunning smile. Lol!


  1. Wow Deborah!!! They did a fantastic job!! Especially for their first time embroidering!!! They should be so proud of themselves!!

  2. Give them a high five from me. Wow! Well done!

  3. THey did a fantastic job! My girls love embroidering. I love that it is relatively easy needlework and they get satisfaction from their results! My 5 yo is currently making a COFFEE sign for her grandma's kitchen. You've inspired me to post pics of it!


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