Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I did it! I finally managed to get a couple shots of the lightning last night. Unfortunately most of it was sheet lightning, so the bolts of lightning were not very frequent. It was lightning so frequently that even when I did get a good shot of a bolt of lightning, it was faded out by all the sheet lightning. At least now though, I know how to do it!

These are my two --not so great -- best shots. :o)

The purplish hue was cast from all the sheet lightning, and the big black shape is the garage. I had to take the photos from the open door of our house. It was too risky to stand outside in the pouring rain with an umbrella up. I didn't want to act as a lightning rod!


  1. Very neat photos! You are braver than me. LOL

  2. That is so cool! Way to go!

    We were a bit alarmed with the weather on Sunday night. Wild, eh?


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