Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Engineer!

It's my beloved's birthday today. As far as birthdays go in this house, it will be low key as usual. We'll have a special supper complete with a calorie laden, but delicious dessert. The kid's have all made a card for him which he will receive as each one thinks of it. Some of them are quicker to think of it than others. Beans gave him hers before 7 am this morning. She was a girl with a mission and would not do anything else until he knew he had his card.

So in honour of the Engineer's birthday, I thought I would write out a list of what makes him so special to us.

His smile

His laugh

His love for his children

His love for me

His love for God

How he sings when he is content

His abilities in the kitchen. (He makes awesome cheesecake!)

How he shares my interests

He encourages our homeschooling

He is always reading and learning himself

He is willing to give time to our church

He spends a quiet time with the Lord daily

He spends lots of time with the children

He is so willing to work hard, so we can live comfortably

His commitment that we will not live with debt

His willingness to learn new things

His ability to let things "roll off"

His quiet spirit

His gentle reminders to me to "give my head a shake"

His sense of humour

His willingness to help around the house when it's really needed

His ability to ignore the mess, when our tidying hasn't happened

The fact that I almost NEVER have to pick up dirty clothing after him. (He says this comes from when he was a kid. He only ever had three outfits: school, barn, and Sunday.)

His "distinguished" look. He says the kids and I gave him all the grey. Some days, I wouldn't doubt it! :o)

His wisdom and advice

His hand in mine when we go for a casual walk.

I know there is more, but the natives are restless and begging for breakfast. It's what Bub terms Muffin Wednesday in our house, so I better get moving. Rhubarb muffins! Yum!

Happy birthday my Love! May our Lord bless you with many more! I look forward to growing older with you!

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  1. are blessed!!! Your husband sounds wonderful!!! And honestly, he sounds like my husband as well. We are both blessed!!! Enjoy his special day with him!!!


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