Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stormy Skies

As we were driving home yesterday night, we were watching the skies light up with lightning. (Someday, I intend to set up the camera and see what I can get for lightning photos).

We were able to get the children into their beds and the van unloaded before the storms hit. They weren't anything spectacular -- I love a good thunderclap -- but we did get some decent rain out of it.

Today was more of the same. It was sunny and very humid when we awoke this morning, but two more storms made their presence known with their deep rolling thunder. However, only one brought rain (and hailstones! According to the Engineer that often means tornados, but thankfully there was no threat of that today. We live in what is known as tornado alley, so the threat is there quite often).

The late afternoon storm passed by to the south of us. Our more southerly neighbours got some good rain out of it by the look of the shots I got.

You can see a truck turning in the laneway in this photo. It is carrying a load of topsoil that we ordered. Our lane was still wet from the previous storm, but the Engineer was able to spend the rest of the afternoon moving topsoil.

Lol! I have to add this. See the tent trailer in the distance? I am not joking when I say this, but our neighbours set it up last fall and never took it down again. I'm still not sure why, and I know I won't dare ask. Lol!

The beautiful green is a wheat field -- not our neatly manicured lawn! *Grin.*


  1. Lovely, serene photos! Much of central FL is considered the lightning capital. It can get quite scary at times with our summer thunderstorms. In fact, as if on cue now that June has officially arrived it is thundering and darkening outside as I type.

  2. Love, love, love all the green!


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