Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Day Away

Yesterday, the kids got up bright and early and finished their schoolwork. The Engineer had the day off, so we spent a small fortune gassing up the van and headed out to do some shopping. We drove two hours to our nearest homeschool supplier.

As Bub will be doing grade seven (already!!) this fall, I needed to have a good look through a few of the texts that he and I will be working through come late summer. I think we're "good to go" now though. The owners of the store were at a homeschooler's conference so some of the curriculum was unavailable at the time, but everything that I needed to see was there. At least now I feel more organized for next year. I have a lot of reading to do over the summer, but it'll get done -- even if I have to take it camping and to the beach with us. I just have to remember to order the few things that weren't on the shelves.

We had lunch at our favorite restaurant in Beautytown. They make the most wonderful "from scratch" food there. It is always a treat when we have time to make a stop there for lunch.

From Beautytown, we headed off to the Big City. We stopped off at a Teacher's store and picked up a new planner for me as well as some books and a few surprises for the kids. Then we headed off to Costco where we have a membership -- though I'm not sure why. We always end up spending waaay to much, or so it seems at the time. We usually only go every three months or so, so in the end things even out, but that final total just sounds so scary! I do need to take some time and figure out if we save ourselves money by going there before our membership is up for renewal again.

Of course, what is a trip to the Big City without a visit to their giant chain bookstore. The kids can spend hours playing with the Schliech toys, stuffed puppets, and hiding amongst the shelves perusing new books that catch their eye. Bub is working on collecting the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. His dream is to get them all in hardcover, although at this point he will take what he can get -- even if it is soft cover. Much to his dismay, there were none on sale this time.

We headed home late but well spent! (No pun intended! :o))

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  1. We are members of Sam's Club (no Costco here) and I know what you mean about spending too much. We do buy what we really get a great deal on, but because we only go every couple of months we buy quite a bit and I am always taken aback by the $ total.

    I've seen many good comments about the Redwall books on a homeschool forum I visit. I'll have to check into those for my oldest. I have the first set of R.M. Ballantyne books from Vision Forum and we recently started The Coral Island. I am enjoying the book, but I am not so sure about my ds. I think he might just be too excited about being off from school until the end of August.


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