Thursday, May 22, 2008


We have three lilac bushes on our property. Each one is a different variety and each one has a slightly different bloom time. At some point though, they are usually all out at the same time. I have been waiting for the late bloomer, so I can take photos, but the cool weather we have been having is not enouraging its blooms to break open. For them to be fully open, it could be another week at least -- especially as it is only a mere three degrees this morning. (What was I thinking planting the whole vegetable garden?)

The first one to bloom this year is a lovely pale bluish purple and it has -- double flowers!! It is our newest one, but it has adjusted nicely to its new home and is growing well. Even at the size of barely two feet it is loaded with flowers.

The second one to bloom is the one that was here when we moved in. It is the variety you see when you drive by century farms and old abandoned properties. Our house is not that old, as the original farmhouse was destroyed in a tornado in the 1980's. The lilac may have been part of the original farmstead and therefore much older than our house. It is, of course, pale purple in colour.

My late bloomer has dark -- almost magenta coloured -- buds, but when they open, they are almost white. The individual flowers are quite large compared to the other two lilacs. All three lilacs give off a heavenly scent that fills the air around the property on the warmer days.


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