Friday, May 23, 2008

Aaargh! I Still Haven't Picked my Curriculum!

I have a secret. Usually, I am very organized when it comes to homeschooling. I have to be or I can't think straight. Anyways, it is a good thing we are done in five days because I have suddenly become the ultimate Unorganized Homeschooler!

I know I've only been doing this for three years now, but normally I have all my curriculum chosen, purchased, and sitting neatly on the shelves by April. Hmmm, this year? No, not even close!

I did purchase all four children's science curriculum as Christian Book had their AO curriculum 20% off in the month of April. At least we'll be able to do science next year. :-) Two of the girls have their penmanship books because over the three years, I have accidentally bought the wrong level twice. Oh, and at least two of them have art books. I think we're good there all around though, because the little girls still have close to half a year of lessons in their current art books.

I am planning a trip to our local (meaning two hours away) homeschool store. I need some advice from their helpful staff. I'm confused on English curric., as the one I was using upgraded their program, and now I need to figure out where I put my kids again. I think Bub might need a new one altogether as they don't have a book for his grade level. I also have no idea what to use with Bub for geography/history. I need stuff with Canadian content, and there isn't a whole lot of "formal' stuff out there. I may end up having to do a lot of reading with him. Yikes! At least I will be well informed on my country!

I hate to admit I am so unorganized this year. The reasons are varied and few, but here's the secret. Look at these photos of my classroom! Do you think this might be part of the problem?

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  1. I wish I had an extra room as a schoolroom. We end up with homeschool stuff scattered all over the entire house. I really need to get organized in that respect.

    I don't know what it is about this year, but I am running behind as well. I do have all our curriculum purchased (for my oldest), but I normally have all the lessons planned out (I don't purchase the teacher's manuals for every subject) by this time of the year along with a long list of library books to supplement with. I started my lesson planning back in Dec., but it fell by the wayside and I just recently started on it again. I feel very behind, especially since I need to get plans in place for my little one as well (he'll be 3 in Dec. so he'll do "school" just like big brother starting this fall - just fun preschool projects and such ... very low key).

    Ah, to be organized. I fear I may never get there again. LOL


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