Wednesday, May 21, 2008


If there is one job that I can never keep on top of, it is cleaning. Some days it is enough to drive me crazy! Often, I take one look at the mess, get discouraged, and walk away. Remarkably, the house is never really messy or dirty enough that I would turn away short notice visitors. I usually have at least fifteen minutes before they show up anyway -- that is provided they call first. No notice visitors on the other hand, will just have to overlook the mess. After all, I have four children home with me virtually 24/7.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have all four children in school and "hours" to do with as I please. My home would never look so clean, my gardens would be gorgeous, I'd be caught up in my scrapbooking, and I might actually master sewing.

The reality is, I would likely attend a women's Bible study, volunteer at our local crisis pregnancy centre, and get up the courage to reach out more to the lost and hurting in our community. I live in such a sheltered world. People tell me that I am in a time in my life where my children are my priorty. I will not argue that, but I sometimes wonder if I should be spreading my wings a little further, reaching out much more. It is something that I need to pray about a lot more than I do. How can God use me, even though I am committed to being home with my children?

In that light, I will ponder and pray while I do some much needed cleaning!

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