Friday, May 16, 2008

It's the Official Planting Weekend

Where we live, this weekend is the weekend where everyone goes out to buy their annuals and goes on a planting frenzy -- if they're not camping. Some years I join the planting crowd, and other years, I wait another week or two.

I have an educational background in horticulture and have many family members who are in some aspect of horticulture also, so it runs in my blood to get out and plant, but the weather has been waaay too cool the past couple weeks now for me to get too excited about planting annuals. They will just sit in the ground doing nothing until it warms up anyway. I'd rather wait until we no longer run a risk of frost. Besides, we have plenty of other gardening to do.

Here is a haphazard list of a few of the things we have to do:

- plant part of the vegetable garden (onions, peas, beans, carrots, etc)

- weed and edge three more flower beds (I've almost completed three other ones)

- redesign the four flower beds that got destroyed during the foundation work on the house

- move some remaining perennials from a bed that we let go back to grass -- um, weeds

- redo the herb garden -- this job is huge and we've been putting it off for a few years

- buy and plant new strawberry plants

- move my raspberry plants

My biggest plans though involve the children. Bub and Peach have expressed an interest in planting the vegetable garden this year. I am going to let them help me choose seed and plant the garden.

I would also like to have a picnic with all of us in the depths of the backyard -- and how can we not have a campfire and roast hotdogs and marshmallows?!

It'll be a busy weekend, but it should be lots of fun too!

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