Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some Mid-Thirties Introspection

Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them. ~Leo Tolstoy

I'm always telling my children, "It's not about you!", and here I go doing a post all about me. However, in my mid thirties, this is what I know about me...

  • I am me a child of God, imperfect though I am

  • I live to love God and my family

  • I love myself so that I can love my family

  • I think in very black and white terms (not always a good thing)

  • I seek truth and honesty above all else

  • I struggle with being who I really am

  • I strive continually to better myself

  • I wear my emotions on my sleeve

  • I analyse things way too much

  • I grow from experience

  • I learn through my children

  • I seek validation from those I am closest to

  • I appreciate a good laugh that isn't at someone else's expense

  • I value the peace and quiet of solitude

  • I enjoy the simple things in life

  • I revel in the mundane

  • I give myself fully to my passions

  • I try to keep my home a place of welcome

  • I read ALOT

  • I dance in my mind

  • I like to look at life through a camera lens

  • I write where I can fit it in

  • I thank God for blessing me with this life

  • I am simply...ME!
  • Let success be measured by the happiness in your heart!

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