Monday, May 19, 2008

Race Day

Bub ran an 8k race today with very little practice. He only ran once and that was a week ago today. What a kid!

As far as races go, the weather was horrible! The wind was very strong out of the northwest. The 8k runners spent the last leg of the race running into it, while the 16k runners spent most of the race running into it. The temperature hit maybe 12C -- which is actually okay when you're running, but not so much when you're a spectator.

A bunch of his friends were in this race, but only Bub and Chaunty ran together. She could have beat him by a long shot, but she is just that kind of friend. She doesn't care what her time is, she just goes with those whom she thinks needs the company. Her mom said the last two years, she ran with a senior just to keep him company. What sweet a girl!

Bub says he's not sure he'll do it again next year. I think with a little more practice, he'll do really well. After all, his mom was a runner and his dad was a sprinter many year ago. How can there not be some genetics there?!

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