Thursday, May 15, 2008


Last night, was the final session of AWANA for this year. Our children love going and seem to take it very seriously. Either that or they are far more competitive than their parents ever were.

We started with the AWANA program five years ago. Back then there were only two of them attending. Bub and Peach were in Sparks, and the other two were too little. Bub started midway through the Sparks program, but did manage to complete almost two books. Peach started at the beginning, completed all three books, and began the first workbook. She earned the Sparky Award and attended Sparks camp. She loved it!

When Beans began Sparks, she aspired to beat out her older sister and completed all three books in less than two years. She earned her Sparky award and attended Sparks camp last summer. This year she cruised along until near the end, when another girl in her group caught up to her. Suddenly, she had some stiff competition. They both worked hard every week and ended up finishing their second workbook the same week! Now they both have the third book to complete over the summer holidays.

Bub completed all four T&T books in less than the given four years and earned the Timothy Award. The past few months, he has only had to sit and listen to the other children as they recited their memory work. He will be able to go to a week long camp sometime this summer, although the jury is still out on whether or not he will be able to attend.

Squirt, on the other hand, has absolutely no aspirations whatsoever when it comes to AWANA. She is happy to go, but could care less about the scripture memorization. I delude myself with the fact that she is ten months younger than Beans was at the same point. I am hoping come September she will be bitten with the competitive bug too, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Afterall, this is Squirt we're talking about. With her, you just nnneverrr know...

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