Friday, August 15, 2014

A Letter of Resignation

Bub has worked as a page at our local library for almost his entire high school career. Since he is working at the pool again this summer as well as for a nearby farmer, he felt it was time to hand in his resignation at the library at the end of the school year. I thought it would be fun to post his letter since it really isn't your typical letter of resignation.

To whom it may concern,

I ________ _________, will be officially resigning from my post as Student Page of __________ library as of June 27th, 2014. Alas, the days of shelving endless numbers of novels are Gone with the Wind. Those stacks have dwindled, And Then There Were None. I will no longer be spending the Twilight hours amongst the familiar shelves, wondering why for the Twelfth Night in a row we only have five patrons. The library is for everyone, Rich Man, Poor Man, anyone with Sense and Sensibility can see that. But I am making Much Ado About Nothing, and simply say that I have enjoyed my time working here at the library, and I appreciate my senior staff members for always giving me The Help that I've needed. I have heard it said that All's Well That Ends Well, and I do believe my here has ended well. 

________ ________

He had fun writing it, and his senior staff members quite enjoyed it also. They gave him a little going away party. Cupcakes, a gift card for music, and a really fun card that one of the super talented senior staff members made.

Now if only Peach could get a job there!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Peanut's Pixie

Peanut's hair is an enigma. In her referral picture, she was teeny tiny, and had short hair. It was cute, but kinda made her look older than she was. From the time we got her, her hair has truthfully driven me just a tad crazy. It's always fuzzy looking -- like it has loads of split ends and always looks like it is in serious need of a cut. The other day she drove me to the brink of desperation. She will walk around all day with it sticking up everywhere, and hanging in her eyes and not even ask me to fix it. She could care less whether it's long or short, so short it is! I looked up how to do a pixie cut on you tube and went from there.

Even this short it poofs!! Oh, and here's the tutorial I found. He was easy to follow and the instructions are simple and clear -- at least they were for me, and I have absolutely no hairdressing experience.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Veggie Garden

Last fall, we decided to move the vegetable garden to a new location. It hadn't been growing well -- particularly at the back end -- as it had been in previous years. My mom gave us the great idea of moving it to where our pool usually sits, and moving the pool to the sadly producing garden, so once the pool was down, we heaped what was to be our new garden full of fallen maple leaves.

Then this spring, the Engineer ran the rototiller through it, dumped the compost on it, and mixed it in as well. He also fenced it for us, to keep the dogs out. The stinkers just jump the fence and one large stinker will eat the beans.

Things were planted just a little too close together and some spots in the garden never grew. We still don't know whether there is too much leaf mold in the garden yet, it's too compacted, or whether the cool wet spring had an affect on it, but in the last few weeks we've been enjoying fresh vegetables. We've eaten lettuce, spinach, beans, some tomatoes, lots of zucchini, a cucumber or two, and are just now starting on potatoes.

Next year we will make a stronger fence and add a gate. I will turn the garden with the fork. I want it to be a no till garden to keep as many of the beneficial bugs as possible. We'll add compost again and plant with much anticipation.

 My handsome hubby digging taters.

 The overgrown jungle.

 Pumpkins. Pumpkins!?!? What was I thinking growing pumpkins!?

 Cucumbers. The vines look sad already. Pretty sure we won't be getting many.

 Nasturtiums because they're so pretty!

 A couple giant zukes and a baby one too.

 Pole beans.

The pool. Yup! We'd heard it was going to be a cooler than average summer, so we took them (whoever "they" are) at their word and didn't bother to set it up. Good call!! It has been a BEAUTIFUL summer, but it really hasn't been hot, so there sits the pool. Would anyone like to come for a swim? ;o)


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Camping with a Large Family

We finally got brave enough to try camping with seven children. This is our first time going camping since our three youngest joined us three years ago. It was a grand success -- of you don't count the fact that four of the seven came down with colds that had them napping daily. We weren't even staying up late or getting up early. It didn't seem to deter the hiking or swimming though.

We went north to camp because the north country is breathtaking. Sure there are bears and rattlesnakes (first time seeing a rattlesnake as it crossed the trail while we were hiking), but if you accommodate them and think wisely, it's really no big deal. We're rustic campers. We love our tent. It holds the nine of us plus luggage beautifully! This year all our meals were made over the fire pit. We only had one panic moment and it was actually on the way up when we realised that we hadn't checked what the conditions were for fire cautions. We were fine. It's been a cool decently wet summer, so food over the grill it was.

If you're trying to figure out if all seven belong to us, well, no, the uber blonde ones belong to friends of ours. The two oldest were at home working and we wanted to try the seven kid experiment, so we "borrowed" two children. Really, they fit in so beautifully, you would have thought they were ours. People were more inclined to ask about our three ebony headed children before they asked about the four multiple shades of blondes. :o)

Seeing as this was an experiment to see if we could handle camping with seven children -- three of them still have boundary issues, we only went for five days. It was a largely positive week! Next year, perhaps we'll go for longer and even further north! ;o)

How about you? Do you camp, or do you glamp? (Fancy camping.) Any tips I should know for rustic camping with a family of nine?


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Birthdays and Besties

Peach celebrated her champagne birthday on July 16. Sixteen on the sixteenth. How cool is that!? She and her friends all have varying degrees of love for the Harry Potter series, so she decided to have a Harry Potter themed party. (Disclaimer: I know not everyone agrees with their children reading the Harry Potter series. This post is not meant to start a debate about the good and bad of J.K. Rowling's novels.) Peach had her five closet friends over to sleep. They had a grand time chatting, watching movies, and enjoying Hogwarts style treats. Peach did all the planning a creating of the foodstuffs and decor. She was having so much fun creating, I didn't feel I should intrude.

The invite and ticket to get in. Oh she made all those wands too.


Chocolate frogs. (Yes, the photo is a little blurry -- it's not your eyes.)

Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. (Actually Jelly Bellys, because none of us could fathom eating a barf flavoured bean or any of the other strange flavours of Hogwarts
More of the yummies from Honey Dukes.

The Marauder's Map because they solemnly said they were up to no good. ;o)

 Decorating the birthday cake Hagrid style. :o)

 Peach and her friends. Such lovely girls! We love having them here!

As the tent was emptied of one group of chatting fun young ladies, it filled with another group. Since none of Beans's closest friend will be attending highschool with her (yet. Three of these young ladies are in grade 7), I told her she could have a get-together too.

 Leo felt he should be front and center for this shot. Such a funny little guy!

Love this group of lovely young ladies too! 

I am so thankful for the sweet girlfriends that both my teenage girls have. I hope they will have many more times of fun get-togethers, even though they won't/can't see each other as often as they would like. 

"Friendship in not something you learn in school, but if you haven't learned the meaning of frienship, you haven't learned anything." ~ Muhammed Ali


Friday, July 18, 2014

Vocal Few Comes to Our Living Room

What a great evening! We were blessed to open our living room to twenty some plus (mostly) strangers for a living room concert by Vocal Few. Some of the attendees came from five+ hours away!! Wow!! Before the concert we shared a meal outdoors of burgers and salads and spent a little time getting to know each other a little bit.

She is so beautiful!! Our girls thought she wasn't much older than them! :o)  They have two really sweet little girls too who were entertained in our basement by their uncle (K's brother) who tours with them and four of our daughters. We, on the other hand, enjoyed a time of fabulous music, stories, and laughter. We'd love to have them back again sometime!


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