Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August!? No Way!! {Part 1}

Yes, once again the blogging has been sadly lacking and here it is mid-August already. There hasn't been any lack of events around here, but blogging has just not been a priority. It's been the HOT summer I had been hoping for ever since summer turned to autumn last year. Thus, much time has been spent outdoors soaking up the heat and the sunshine!

My dear hubby turned fifty on June 11. We had a special time of family togetherness over the course of the weekend. On Friday (the 10th) my parents, along with our brood and their significant others enjoyed teriyaki steak on the barbecue, baked potatoes, and well, it's been so long, I forget what else. We had pies that I baked for dessert. Murray loves pie! Rhubarb, cherry, and his absolute favorite -- pecan pie!

Saturday was spent with most of Murray's family at his niece's wedding.

First dance with Grandpa. Murray's brother (her dad) passed away in December of 1995 from cancer.

Then on Sunday (the 12th) we attended Peach's graduation from high school. I am in denial that we already have two children who have graduated from high school. It cannot be possible!

The squad celebrating.

Then ten days later on the 22nd, was Squirt's grade 8 graduation.

 In case you are wondering, she is wearing Converse. We couldn't find sandals that she liked, so she decided to wear Converse. They will go great with her uniform when she starts high school in the fall.

 Giving her part of the valedictory address which she shared with one of her best friends.

They shared their graduation cake.

Our first beach day was early this year. June 23rd and the children were all in the lake.

Even the slightest north breeze creates some great waves for swimming in!

Next thing we knew, we had survived June and then it was Canada Day!! I let the two oldest girls have all their friends over for the afternoon/evening. You would have hardly noticed that there were eleven extra young people hanging about except for the rate the food disappeared. :o)

 Waiting for the annual Canada Day parade.

 Discussing the rules for a game of capture the flag.

 Dinner time!

 The two youngest had their very own spot.

 Don't even ask because I don't know! :oD

So thankful for this great group of friends!!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mastering the Granny Square {My Continuing Quest to Learn to Crochet}

I taught myself to crochet about ten years ago now, but I didn't fully understand where the hook was supposed to go when starting a new row. Thus the few very basic projects I made had a rather strange look about them ;o). In late June, early July last summer, I was rather preoccupied even during the quiet times and I knew that reading was not the therapy I needed. I needed something to keep my hands busy because my mind was not going to slow down enough to read a book.

I am left handed when it comes to writing, eating, and apparently, crocheting. Murray's mom was left handed too, so I thought she could teach me and had taken my crochet up with me when they were still living on the farm, but alas she had learned to crochet right handed and my dreams of her teaching me were dashed. Finally, last summer, I watched a YouTube video that taught it left-handed. It finally made sense! I was so thrilled that I took my work up to the hospital to show Mom. She seemed pleased. I don't think I will ever be as good at it as she was, but I am glad I could show her yet that I had finally learned to properly crochet too.

I have since learned to do a granny square. So now I am making a couple afghans and a lap blanket (maybe?).

You've heard of the ugly Christmas sweater? Well, I am making the ugly Christmas afghan. :oD

This is new wool I bought. It's actually cotton. I have no idea why I bought it except that cotton washes up nice?

My leftover wool...

I have been telling myself that I am not allowed to buy new wool until I have used up my entire stash. Granny squares are great for that! Too bad I don't seem to have much time lately for any crocheting...

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Dining Room {Good-bye Dark, Hello Bright!}

Although I do love the flower pot orange, the colour was just not working for me in our dining room. It always felt dark in there and we tend to spend quite a bit of time in our kitchen/dining area. Being a northern exposure it is darker to begin with, but I was getting to the point where I felt like the orange was sucking the life out of me. It was time to paint!

I chose Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Grey. Some of my children had a hard time liking me switching to grey, but when I told them it was grey walls or cut down our big Crimson King maple, the boo-hooing suddenly stopped.

The last two photos almost make the walls look cold, but in real life, it's not cold at all. It's cozy and relaxing feeling. The printed sign is from our paint store where I purchase all my Benjamin Moore paint. The photos of the Amish and Mennonite people were taken when the Engineer's parents sold their farm. As much as I love those photos, they will never be available for sale because, well, truth is, I never got any of those folk's permission to take those photographs. Horrible, I know!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Silly Girls!

Our rhubarb is growing like crazy and producing some giant leaves. The other night the three oldest girls gathered on the front lawn and got a little silly. Stress relief maybe?

At least they can't say they never have any fun!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Discovering My Home Style {Farmhouse}

In perusing Pinterest and looking at what I pin, I have discovered that I really like the farmhouse style of decorating. Not the industrial farmhouse style, but the bona fide country farmhouse style. Minus the white kitchen cupboards. Why would anyone living on a farm who was in their right mind put in a white kitchen!? Don't get me wrong, white kitchens are beautiful, but with children, animals, and the dirt that comes with country/farm living, why would anyone put in white cupboards!?

Anyhow, white kitchens aside, I love the farmhouse look and have slowly been adapting it to our home.

This is what you see just to your left when you walk in our back door. Bench, watering can, and mirror were all given to me by my parents. I'm quite liking the fact that they're downsizing! ;o)

I broke down and bought this bouquet the morning of the prom.

The mirror was originally wood that I spray painted white. (Yes, loving on the spray paint again!) The frame is from the Philippines and is made with rolled paper. It holds the first photo of our newly enlarged family.  The jar on the shelf is a painted mason jar (just acrylic craft paint and sealed with a matte spray varnish), and the hanging jar is just from the dollar store. The tulips were picked from our gardens.

To the far right is the laundry room. My dream is to switch the machines to stackers, but if it's not broken, you don't fix it, so I will live with it the way it is for now.

The green mason jar is from Michael's and the multicoloured jar is thrifted, but originally from Pier 1 Imports.

The glass jar is also thrifted, and the galvanized pot is another "cast off" from my parents. It holds luscious scented soaps from The Melaleuca Company.

 Every country home needs rubber boots, right? :o) This pair holds all the random objects that fall out of my family's pockets -- mostly hair elastics, buttons, change, and safety pins.

To your immediate left when you walk in the door is this sign. It's made by a wonderfully talented wife and mom at Owl Craft That.

You see this pic on your right as you leave. Also from my parents. :o)

Every time I paint this room (third time now), I go darker. The colour
is now Benjamin Moore's, Copley Grey. It's my favorite colour yet for this room!


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