Tuesday, June 30, 2015

School at Home {aka Homeschooling}

We have one week of school done and so far it has gone well. Since it is summer, I am keeping it quick and casual. One subject a day alternating between math and phonics. I dropped the girls all down a grade for starters, so it should mostly be review -- and it is -- until you add in word problems.

Here lies the problem with word problems. My three Littles have zero thinking skills! Really! They do NOT think. They just do -- or expect to have things done for them. It's not an unusual problem for adopted children -- especially ones who have spent much of their early formative years in an institution. The bigger problem is that they went from the institution of an orphanage to having institutional school.

I am tempted to say it was a big mistake on my part to send them to school instead of homeschooling as was recommended in their medicals.However, for my sanity's sake, it was not a mistake. It was very overwhelming having three extra children in the home who were very needy in a multitude of ways. The reality is, they are still needy in a multitude of ways, but I am at a place where I am better able to handle it. I still don't have the best patience, but I am getting better. Meanwhile, we are working on forcing them to think about their actions. A very common word heard in our home these days is, "why?" We question them about everything. Often they will stare at us with a look that says, "who are you to ask me why!" However, more often now they will respond to the question instead of just staring back at their questioner.

Baby steps!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Holidays Have Begun!

Another year of school has flown by -- although I thought the last week of school was never going to end! It was a week of various appointments all between 11 am and 1 pm designed to completely disrupt my day ;o). (Although I know they weren't, it kind of felt like it. It's my own fault though! I'm the one that made the appointments.) I did what I could to get things done around these appointments and just ignored the rest of the mess. The amazing thing this year is that the schoolwork trickled in over a number of days as opposed to all in one day. I was able to stand with our garbage/recycle drawer in the island open and file accordingly. I do believe that this is the first year ever that all the school papers are gone within less than 24 hours after the last school bell rang.

Part of the reason for ensuring that there were no extra papers floating around is that the three youngest will be doing school on Monday. (No rest for the weary!) They are still academically (never mind socially) quite a ways behind their peers. We've backtracked them a bit and are having them work on math and all things English reading, writing and comprehension related. Hopefully by September they will at the very least be where they left off at school if not further than when they finished the school year in June.

So to celebrate summertime, we had a wiener roast on Friday night. Complete with a marshmallow overdose for dessert!

They don't look overly thrilled in this photo (taken with my phone), but believe me, hotdogs and marshmallows are a summer highlight!

Although I am sure the four youngest are hoping for lots of excitement, I am hoping for some quiet days, and long quiet evenings. A mom CAN hope can't she!?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


As you may (or may no)t have noticed I have been absent for quite a few months. I've been absent for a multiple of reasons. None of which are anything serious or major. We are all alive and well here. Life has just been busy. My mind has been full. Most nights I go to bed exhausted and wake up exhausted. I am too tired to even think about blogging and when I do, my mind goes blank. It's like I have a GIANT case of writer's block. I'm feeling a little more optimistic now that summer holidays are almost here. Perhaps I will feel less exhausted, will want to write again, and will finally overcome the blankness that takes over the minute I think I might just sit down and write.

Hopefully you'll hear more from me soon.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow Fun!

This is a few weeks ago already. On the eve of our first big winter storm, we decided to walk to the back bush for some play time in the snow.

It was coooold!! But oh so fun!!

 Heading out to the bush.

 Had to stop to play in the ditch. The water is generally minimal in here and if there was any at this point, it was completely frozen.

 A fun climb out!

 Destination: Bluff.

 We made it!! Now the climb!! Maverick looks like he's standing on two legs!

 Snow pug.

 Buried alive! :o)

 I think she's wishing she had a hot chocolate and a book.

 Back to conquering the bluff.

Just one of my favourite tree lines.

Inside that oasis of evergreens hot chocolate, a fire in the fireplace, and our books await. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon -- especially because Monday ended up being a snow day. No school and no work for anyone.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cleaning the Crock Pot {Pinteresting Day 2}

I don't know about you, but I use my crock pots a lot! That also means that they go out in public -- well the one does anyway. The handle on the other one is broken, so I don't take it to pot lucks or anything anymore. The one that does go out still is my 7 quart one. It's big and it's dirty! I knew there had to be a way to get the inside clean again, so I perused Pinterest. I found his little gem at The 5th Brick House on the Right.

Now I don't own oven cleaner and have no plans to own oven cleaner, so I used straight ammonia. If you use ammonia, or even any product containing ammonia please make sure you do not mix it with bleach or any bleach containing products.

Unlike with oven cleaner, ammonia takes longer and requires a little more elbow grease. I soak my rag in ammonia and then lay it on the dirty areas. I also cover it in plastic wrap for at least a few hours. (Overnight is even better.) Don't be like me and wait for a freezing cold day in February when you can't do it outside because you will choke on the fumes. Ask me how I know? :0) I did wear gloves though.

Not perfect, but definitely cleaner than before.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pinteresting {Day 1}

I need to get motivated to start blogging more regularly again. With all the children in school every day I seem to be lacking writing material, so I thought I would try this idea. I of course, found the idea itself on Pinterest. The author did a daily post of something she pinned on Pinterest in that she used an idea, she found and then recapped how it worked (or didn't) for her. I thought it was a very pinteresting idea ;o) and concluded that it just might get me blogging again. I'm not making any promises at this point, but here goes day one.

Sweet L, a friend of two of our daughters had birthday recently. She loves owls and after scouring the stores and finding nothing I liked, I decided to make her a present.

The idea came from Gingercake. They're adorable! I do believe mine turned out well also! :o)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

For the Organizing/List Lover

Yes, that would be me in the title. I'm still enjoying my days at home and they are very full. It still would be handy if there were two of me, but there's not, so I continue to work on balancing things out.

I wanted to share two sites I discovered that I am putting to great use in my uninterrupted home time. The first one I found is from Home Storage Solutions. It's a 52 week challenge to an organized home. I am a HUGE fan of organizing, but cleaning, well, not so much. This site has a week by week printable of the tasks that need to be done and lots of information each week on how to do them for those who are not naturally organizers. The nice thing about it being printable is that you don't necessarily have to follow the week by week order. I am doing my kitchen first, but that is because I tend to keep it pretty organized anyway. There will also be weeks where I might not have much to do to accomplish that weeks task. eg. Week 7 is coupons. Coupons are not too popular here in Canada, so the amount of coupons I have at any given time would not be more than ten -- and I'm doing good if I even use them. Often a generic brand is still cheaper even without the coupon.

The other site I discovered is The Confident Mom.Oh myyy! Being an ISTJ personality, this helps revolutionize the way I think/work! I've mentioned before how much I love lists. Well for me the only thing better than making lists and marking the tasks completed, is having the lists already made up for me, with spots too add more to the list to make it even more personalized. One of the reasons I have always hated cleaning is that once I start, there doesn't seem to be an end. There is always more. More! MORE!! With this planner there are visible start and finish points for cleaning. I don't have to clean the whole house in one day!! This excites my strongly-felt internal sense of duty! It motivates me to get things done!

Below is this week. You will see that not every day is not completely finished because, well, life happens. I had to take a Little to the eye doctor, my brother stopped in for coffee. You know. Life! However, hopefully before I turn the page to the next week, everything will be marked off.

Well, I'm off to put my freshly laundered sheets back on our bed and get that master bedroom dusted and vacuumed!

I'm not making any promises, but hopefully soon I will have some kid posts. This is supposed to be a family blog after all!

Please note: neither site asked me to endorse their product. I only do so because I am super excited about them!



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