Tuesday, January 29, 2019

What Have We Been Up To {Part 1}

I think it will take a few posts to update our lives here -- suffice it to say, not everyone lives at home anymore -- so, I will start with the three oldest.

Nathanael (aka Bub), graduated from university in the spring last year (2018) with a degree in global business and digital arts (GBDA). After spending about a month at home job hunting he found work at a company in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

He works for a Software-as-a-service company providing a cloud infrastructure management and optimization solution. Basically, their technology allows companies to purchase the most optimal cloud products to run whatever workloads they're running in the cloud. It reduces risk, saves them money, and simplifies the lives of app owners, developers, and cloud ops.

Nathanael is a graphic designer. He works in the marketing department. He creates external and internal facing content, social images, trade show booth designs, collateral video, photography, etc. He also manages the company's relationships with various print vendors throughout Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. He gatekeeps all the visual content that the company produces. His goal is to maintain and elevate their brand to make the company a recognizable player in their industry.

(If you understood all that you are much smarter than me. I asked him to send me that information. 😚)

Nathanael rents a room in an apartment within decent walking distance of his work, a couple of grocery stores, and church. He does not have a car, but it is the GTA, so public transport is pretty accessible. Cost of living is very high in the GTA, so this arrangement works well for him at this point.

Peach is in her third year of university. She is in a work/study program meaning that they do a semester or two of school and then a paid co-op. This semester, she is on co-op working on a project run by the university which examines the behavioral implications of government tobacco policies. She does a lot of reading, but in between the reading, she does summaries and little write-ups that have a purpose.

She lives in a lovely little apartment off campus with three other girls. She enjoys cooking for herself, and last spring took up embroidery and is waaaay better at hand-stitching than I will ever be.

Beans just started her first year of university this fall. She is majoring in voice (surprise surprise). For a long time it was a toss-up between voice and piano, but in the end, voice won out. She has adjusted to university life far better than we expected and is the happiest we have ever seen her. I guess because she is finally doing what she loves.

That's about it for the three oldest. They are busy, happy, and healthy. We message and chat fairly frequently. They come home less frequently, but they are busy and life here continues to roll right along too.


  1. You have a beautiful family and I have enjoyed watching them grow up. The three oldest may have left the nest but you are now left with 3 teenagers and a tween! I wouldn't want to try to live through that, but you have already survived 3 teenagers so I guess you will manage. Somehow I doubt you will ever be without children in your life. By the time the last one is ready to move out, you will likely have a couple of grandchildren. I just hope they are close enough to enjoy.

    1. Thank you, Karen! I am at the least hoping that my children are all within three hours driving distance. As for grandchildren, I think that will be several years yet. We shall see. I just know that I am never bored! :o)


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