Friday, January 18, 2019


Hello! And happy new year! Here it is over halfway into January already and although I decided to start blogging again this year, it hasn't happened until today!

Life here is constantly changing. I'm not talking just the weather outdoors, or the seasons, but within our home and our family. I feel like I constantly have to re-adjust how I do things. Thankfully, as I have aged, I have mellowed a bit (I think).

I am still at home full time with no plans to "get a real job" anytime in the near future. I LOVE being home! The second shift of children gets on the bus shortly before 8:30 and before I know it, the first shift is walking in the door again because it is 2:42. How quickly the days fly! It seems funny now how I used to just dread the winter months. Now I love them! Especially the days where I don't have to go anywhere! I will let you know over the next few days and weeks what I and this family have been up to, but for now, I just wanted to say, "hello!"


  1. Welcome back. I'm looking forward to hearing your tales. Things have changed at my house too. Check out the blog. It's still up and running.

  2. How lovely to think of you as returning to the blogging world. You have been missed.

  3. So happy to read your newest post! I so love reading your blog!


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