Monday, October 16, 2017

Canadian Thanksgiving

It was a week ago already, and our gathering this year was small for various reasons. A funeral in another province, a child studying abroad, and some family dynamics that make the holidays difficult for a family member. We ended up celebrating with our children only. Nathanael's girlfriend Madi joined us too despite him being in Europe until late December. She arrived a little later than the rest of the crew who were at the mercy of parental drivers. I never did get a photo of us all at dinner. That was thrown off by live chatting with Nathanael. One of those moments where I am thankful for modern technology.

 Playing apples to apples while I get the food ready.

These two love the Wii!

 Some gentler disciplinary measures have this munchkin under my watchful eye.

 Someone is just hoping I will walk away from the table for a couple of minutes because that is all he would need to hoover down the entire dinner. 

A chat with my shaggy boy. We never knew he had curls like that! He sure didn't as a little guy. Poker straight and white blonde. 

Despite many changes again this year, we are blessed and have much to be thankful for.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Fun family time for you guys.

  2. Sweet family time...
    I am finding it harder and harder to have family celebrations with everyone going every which way...

  3. I haven't checked your blog in WAY too long. You are doing a great job at navigating transition and loving on those currently in your nest :-)


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