Monday, September 11, 2017

Back to School 2017

There was a time when I hated the back to school season. The earliest I can remember is when I myself was a student. I was not opposed to learning, but I hated the structure, the being cooped up in a room all day, and not having endless hours to do my own thing.

I had a reprieve between the post-university years and my babies starting school. Those years held no feelings of sadness or anxiety. Then my firstborn went to kindergarten. Senior Kindergarten. I didn't even send him to Junior Kindergarten as is the norm these days. I should have known right then and there that homeschooling would be a great option for our family. Eventually, after a few much dread Septembers, we did homeschool. Five fun, interesting, frustrating, and wonderful years. If you ask my kids they will honestly say it was great. Then life changed again and we welcomed home our three youngest daughters. I had no plans to suddenly homeschool seven children. Nathanael was ready for high school and Squirt needed some special reading help. Thus closed the homeschooling chapter.

 Having seven children under one roof, there were days I felt that I hardly had time to breathe, let alone teach. I remember doing a happy dance once the youngest children boarded the big yellow bus that first September with all seven home. Then a couple years ago, we made the decision (for a number of reasons) to homeschool the three youngest. It did not go well at all, so last year, everyone was back in school. I did another happy dance!

This year I refrained from dancing (I was just way too tired) and simply breathed a huge sigh of relief. Then I spent the entire first week waiting for the inevitable phone call that has come the first week of school every year for the last four out of five years (they were homeschooled one year, remember). It finally came today. A certain child (who shall remain nameless) got hit in the head with a ball. If I had a nickel for every time that same child got hit in the head with a ball last year, I could go to Tim Horton's and have a coffee and a doughnut too -- provided I could have sugar.

Anyways, here are the obligatory first day of school photos. Yes, I did take them the morning of the first day, but I was so busy reveling in the silence and at the same time feeling overwhelmed at the mess my house was in, I completely forgot to blog!

From left to right: Shayanne grade 12, Bella grade 9, Jillian grade 10.

Jovy grade 5, and Sophia grade 7.

Crazy! I don't have little ones anymore. Really, I am quite okay with that. Life is a whole different kind of busy these days. I run a free taxi service it seems. 😏 


  1. I look forward to the new school year just as much as I dread the new school year! Love both and hate both, for different reasons...
    Love seeing your girls all ready for school...and I would be doing happy dancing too if it was me! But then I would be carrying along a tissue to catch the tears too.
    It must be my age!!!!

  2. Wow have they all grown! How do they do that when we stay the same age ;D I'm cheering for you - so glad we have the choices we do and can choose what works best for each kid and the family-as-a-whole as we go along.

  3. I can't get over how big all of your kids are?!! Are your older two still in University?

  4. Hi Kim! Yes. Nathanael is off to England for a semester abroad as part of his program. Natascha is in her second year and loving it!


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