Wednesday, May 25, 2016


This much-anticipated event arrived and departed in a whirlwind of activity over a week and a half ago already. The Engineer and I spent much of the week outdoors getting our rather neglected property looking decent again. It has been so cold this spring that up until this past week, we hadn't spent much time outdoors. It was beautiful most of the week, but Saturday's forecast never changed. Cold and miserable. Which is exactly how it turned out.

However, a scramble to get the house clean and tidy and set up the studio lights worked well and we took most of the group of fourteen prom-goers photographs inside. What a fun afternoon it was!

Follows are mostly all the outdoor ones because, truthfully, I haven't edited the studio ones yet. (They are giving me grief! So glad I edit in RAW or it would be even worse!)

(For those of you who have that keen photography eye, yes, I am aware of the blotchy wall. I will fix it another day. I was having issues. Time is of the essence at the moment!)


  1. Indeed, they all look beautifully elegant! I did nothing like this - I remember a smock top and blue clogs for my school "leavers' do" ...but then, I'm not sure I would have felt comfortable in something as beautiful and elegant as this! Wishing all your children a bright and contented future.

  2. It's so nice to see young adults all dressed up and having fun. Your daughter looks very lovely.

  3. She is a lovely young lady, and it is worth saying, her dress is flattering and modest. The photos are wonderful. Did you take them? And her fur coat...absolutely loved it!


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