Friday, May 27, 2016

Discovering My Home Style {Farmhouse}

In perusing Pinterest and looking at what I pin, I have discovered that I really like the farmhouse style of decorating. Not the industrial farmhouse style, but the bona fide country farmhouse style. Minus the white kitchen cupboards. Why would anyone living on a farm who was in their right mind put in a white kitchen!? Don't get me wrong, white kitchens are beautiful, but with children, animals, and the dirt that comes with country/farm living, why would anyone put in white cupboards!?

Anyhow, white kitchens aside, I love the farmhouse look and have slowly been adapting it to our home.

This is what you see just to your left when you walk in our back door. Bench, watering can, and mirror were all given to me by my parents. I'm quite liking the fact that they're downsizing! ;o)

I broke down and bought this bouquet the morning of the prom.

The mirror was originally wood that I spray painted white. (Yes, loving on the spray paint again!) The frame is from the Philippines and is made with rolled paper. It holds the first photo of our newly enlarged family.  The jar on the shelf is a painted mason jar (just acrylic craft paint and sealed with a matte spray varnish), and the hanging jar is just from the dollar store. The tulips were picked from our gardens.

To the far right is the laundry room. My dream is to switch the machines to stackers, but if it's not broken, you don't fix it, so I will live with it the way it is for now.

The green mason jar is from Michael's and the multicoloured jar is thrifted, but originally from Pier 1 Imports.

The glass jar is also thrifted, and the galvanized pot is another "cast off" from my parents. It holds luscious scented soaps from The Melaleuca Company.

 Every country home needs rubber boots, right? :o) This pair holds all the random objects that fall out of my family's pockets -- mostly hair elastics, buttons, change, and safety pins.

To your immediate left when you walk in the door is this sign. It's made by a wonderfully talented wife and mom at Owl Craft That.

You see this pic on your right as you leave. Also from my parents. :o)

Every time I paint this room (third time now), I go darker. The colour
is now Benjamin Moore's, Copley Grey. It's my favorite colour yet for this room!

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