Thursday, April 21, 2016

I Blame the Fractured Hand {Updating our Home}

It all started because of the cast and a too dark dining room. Really! :o) When in the cast there wasn't a lot of things I could do -- except manipulate a computer mouse with my left hand and a few other simple things. I would spend way too much time on Pinterest.

While perusing Pinterest, I had a lightbulb moment. I finally figured out why our dining room was so dark. Duh! The paint colour. Although flowerpot orange is a bold colour, it was way too dark for our northern exposure dining room. Ugh! I was tired of it. So I started looking at rooms and colours. Grays or greiges (a mix between beige and gray), are hugely popular now and I find them stunning, so my dining room is now Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Gray. (I will show photos once the room is complete. I need to accessorize yet. Nevermind that it's an absolute disaster at the moment.)

This post isn't supposed to be about the dining room however, but one of the girls' bedrooms. All the kids rooms, with the exception of the three youngest girls are still the original colours they were before we renovated. I began thinking about changing them up too. My parents are moving into a condo, so they are happily forcing on us asking us if we would like the possessions they are not taking to the new place. So, we have inherited a double bed complete with bedding that we couldn't pass up. Based on room size and child dynamics, it ended up in Beans's room. It was time to repaint!

Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray became the colour of choice.

She loves yellow, so I accessorized with yellow -- and strangely enough, black. I am thrilled with how it turned out. It's a very eclectic mix of furniture, but the gray, yellow and black pull it all together.

The dog wall. She is passionate about dogs -- especially pugs. :o) The colourful pillows are made by me. I have to make one more yellow one yet. The Ooh Fancy pillow is from Walmart. (I happen to like Walmart a lot.) The black lamp is also Walmart.

Despite the furry cuteness on the bed, the big expanse of empty wall is already driving her crazy.

So this image will be made into a canvas to hang above her bed.

Extreme cuteness. He's my reason for regularly washing bedding -- especially in the spring.

A clean dresser top. The yellow sheers are from Walmart. (Have I mentioned that I really like Walmart?)  I made the tie backs. She loves light!!

They're real and oh. so. pretty! She calls them Daffadillydums. They're one of her favorite flowers.

Arts and crafts.

I bought the black and gold mask in New Orleans. She made the silver one and the canvas as well.

I made this super simple substitute for a bulletin board. We found the 'S' at Michaels (another favorite, but seriously overpriced store). It's made from pressed board. The clothes pins are from Dollarama. I pulled apart the clothes pins and pulled out my trusty spray paint (I love spray paint!!) and went to town. Then I enlisted helpers to put the clothes pins back together, hot glued the clothes pins to the pressed board, and voilĂ ! She has clipped to it motivational notes and special things. :o) (They may not be dating, but it doesn't mean they don't spend time together.) :o)

Last but not least, her shelf of collectables. The shelf is almost as old as me and hung in my room as a child. I gave it a quick once over with spray paint before hanging it again. (I am going to touch up the screws with white paint as they stand out too much for my liking.)

Ultimately there are a couple things that I need to finish yet, but otherwise this room is done! I am pleased with how it turned out and Beans is too! So, it's on to the next room! Tomorrow!......... Maybe.


  1. Oooo! Fun! I love change, and brightening up a room is always a good thing :D

    1. Deborah, I think you and Julie should come help me when we get ready to paint and renovate our house!

  2. Cute room. I love the gray, yellow, and black! It's awesome. I'll be you will LOVE your lightened up kitchen. I had a tomato red on my walls a while back and now I have a creamy white and LOVE the light it reflects. It just feels so much brighter.

  3. Cute Puppy, I like the different types of stills taken by puppies inside the room. And also the home decor is fantastic.


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