Friday, November 28, 2014


I love lists! They keep me sane and help me see that yes, I do get things done. Below are my lists from earlier this week.

I get great satisfaction in checking off completed tasks. Incomplete tasks will be added on to the new list and it just keeps going. Sometimes I even like to do this:

Why, yes. Yes, I do -- and it gives me great satisfaction! :o) Gotta go, so I can check blog off my list.

Have a wonderful weekend and wishing all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Lists work well for me too. But perhaps I need to add write a new list to the end of whichever one I'm working on, just to remember!

  2. I am a list queen! I can't live without them! and I do write things down after I have already done them to check them off. Maybe a little crazy but I do it!

  3. I love lists too :) and I do the same thing about writing things down and checking off after the fact, lol

  4. I am a list maker as well. I don't get as many items marked off as you did, but it makes me feel accomplished nonetheless.


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