Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Death of a Car

We bought our Toyota Paseo in May of 1993-- five months before we were married. We bought it brand new. Everything we have bought since then has been only new to us new (and really some have been already quite old). She was just going to go in for an oil change today, be the mechanic called to let the Engineer know that they were not going to allow her back on the road. She was literally an accident waiting to happen. It was truly God's care that she hadn't fallen completely apart on the road before that day.

I was an hour away in the Big City. It started snowing like crazy around noon. I made it home to leave a short time later to take him to the mechanics to sign the papers that released the car into the care of a charitable organization.

Fortunately, we don't get attached to our cars, so although a surprise, this wasn't a shock that sent us reeling for the love of our vehicle.

For fun, he pretended to cry at the loss of his faithful car.

Good bye old friend!

We think she's done very well for us over the years. Minimal costs in repairs and never had any problems with her. That first digit is a three, by the way -- not an eight. :o)


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