Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Morning (and Evening) Clean Sweep Help

In my constant quest to at least keep our home somewhat tidy, here's the latest project trial. So far it works well. It works better for some children than others.

Baskets (ahem, garbage cans) dollar store. Name tags so everyone knows whose basket is whose and there is no argument as to who it putting what away -- unless of course Mom puts the someone's stuff in the wrong child's basket. Best part? Unlike buying six fancy and pretty wicker baskets that I can't afford for an experiment, these babies stack for quick and easy stair cleaning -- not that there's been any of that going on these days, but I know nice little square wicker baskets don't stack, they pile -- and topple.

Oh, I nearly forgot the other great part! These suckers are quite a bit bigger than a fancy and pretty little wicker basket. I've been know to pop clothing, sneakers, AND combat boots (upside down) into them.

For now this experiment gets a two thumbs up from me!



  1. Brilliant! Having a larger family gives opportunity for natural brilliancy to shine.
    Hope you are well, Deborah.

  2. GREAT idea! Hope it keeps working for you! (If It would only hold a backpack...)


  3. Looks really good Deborah...yay for organizing!

  4. A great idea - but if your kids are anything like me and Mr FD they will soon be able to walk straight past the pile and not see it! There's only two of us (both adult!) in our house and strangely we become "blind" to piles on the stairs!! Good luck though!

  5. excellent idea!! should try on my stairs :)


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