Wednesday, September 3, 2014

School Days Have Begun.

The days leading up to September 2 were busy ones filled with shopping, packing, and lots of checking of lists. On Sunday, August 31, we went to church in the morning and then moved Bub into his dorm at university.

University! I can't believe we have a child old enough to be in post secondary education. The cool thing is, he is ready and we are ready. Yes, we're going to miss him, but he's only two hours away, so we will get to see him on weekends whenever we want to.

Yesterday, my two highschoolers boarded the bus for their newly added on to and renovated school. (I saw it last week and it's beautiful!)

Beans - grade 9, Peach - grade 11

Peanut - grade 1, Bella - grade 5, Bright Eyes - grade 3, Squirt - grade 7

An hour and five minutes after that, my grade schoolers boarded the bus for their school and the house was silent. Silent except for sighing depressed dogs. Well, Leo anyway. I really should have taken a photo of him because he looked sooooo sad!

I went to the younger girls' school opening assembly and then had a friend over for coffee. After that I began the momentous task of getting this house clean and back in order after the summer's comings and goings. I've told myself to come up for air on occasion, but if you don't hear from me again until Christmas, just assume I was eaten by a dust dragon, or was hospitalized for crushed knees and water bucket hands from scrubbing dirty floors.

Just kidding. I have several things I want to write about yet, so I will hopefully be popping on here a few times over the next few weeks.



  1. Aw! The kids look great and I hope Bub has a wonderful college experience!

  2. There is something very special about taking your kids to College and seeing them off in this way. We have done it a few times now. Its wonderful that Bub is only two hours away, that really helps. Loved his letter of resignation in the previous post, that was great. Quiet moments at home is a reward. I used to mourn the kids being gone, but now a days I drink in the peacefulness. Don't get me wrong, I miss them very much, but I am enjoying feeling my brain cells returning (somewhat), and my emotions leveling (somewhat), and my house being cleaner (somewhat). Ha ha, well, have a great week Deborah; each portion whether quiet or chaos is a blessing, and I know you will have joy the reward of it all.

  3. I'm amazed - UNIVERSITY! Two hours away is a pretty sweet deal... on his own, but still in reach :D Mine is still at home, going to Community College. The girls all look lovely - and happy about the new year. Hurray for some quiet time for YOU! Hope you have time to post occasionally,

  4. Your children are all so beautiful. I hope the adjustment to University and back to school routines is going smoothly!!! I was also a happy mama to see my boys go off to school again ;)


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