Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My (Not So Basic) Wardrobe

After posting about minimalizing the children down to a basic wardrobe, a friend of mine challenged me on my wardrobe -- and The Engineer's too, but he's responsible for weeding out his own stuff, and well, that hasn't happened yet.

Truth be told, I go through my wardrobe every season and get rid of stuff. I hadn't done it yet this fall, so Maria's challenge prompted me into action, and once again I managed to get rid of two large shopping bags full of cast offs. A little more stuff than usual, as I have shrunk this year instead of continued to expand as I have the past four or five years. Yay me!

Below is what my side of the closet looks like. Yes, we are blessed (and thrilled) to have a walk in closet. What you see here is the entirety of my wardrobe. We don't have dressers or cabinets for additional clothing in our bedroom. So yes, both summer and winter stuff is shown in the photos. The only thing you may not be able to see is my love of boots as they are mostly hidden under the dresses. I have four pairs. A little ridiculous maybe, but maybe not.

Yes, you see sheers to a window because yes, we have a window in our closet. Far left are tote bags, some formal dresses, summer dresses, skirts, and a favourite sweater that is old and ugly, but I still wear. To the right of them, lower down, my meagre winter wardrobe. (I hate winter clothes. I always feel like a sack of potatoes in winter clothes.) The baskets hold socks, slips, etc. as well as p.j.'s and athletic wear. On the bottom shelf are my tank tops that I wear under other tops year round, and beside them are my t-shirts. The shelf above holds one really cosy hoodie, my one pair of I'll wear-them-in-public jeans, a pair of jeans for the garden, a couple of pairs of shorts, and a pair of capris that I'm dreaming of fitting into again one day.

The top shelf holds my shoes. They are all my dressier shoes. My running shoes are mostly on the floor under my rainbow of zip hoodies. I have a weird obsession for hoodies -- and yes I do wear them all. To the right of all the zip hoodies are the rest of my dressy clothes -- a couple cardigans, and various tops. Finally, my three pairs of pants. One dress pants, one pair of black khakis, and an army green pair of summer weight athletic type fabric pants that are probably over fourteen years old. I don't like to mess with a good thing. ;o)

The Engineer's ties and my scarves. I can still never figure out a good way to wear my scarves, but I do wear scarves quite often. Finally my two (I just recently acquired the second one from Goodwill, and you do NOT want to know how old the pink one is), and my ball cap that I wear in the gardens or when I have to run an errand and haven't showered yet. :o/ Not as minimal as our kids wardrobes that's for sure!

Some day maybe I'll show you The Engineer's side.


  1. Your closet is VERY organized, and that is one BRIGHT pink robe! And in your climate? Four pairs of boots seems normal, not excessive. Well done!

  2. I'm so glad you posted this, db, because I have been thinking a lot about capsule wardrobes since you posted about the girls. I am trying to put some order into what I wear. I am rubbish with clothes an while I know that this should not be importatnt, it does annoy.I have a mountain of recently weeded out things on the landing, and am further inspired now. Maybe I'll actually get them to the church clothes bin tonight!

  3. Thanks for the reminder that it's time to reorganize my closet for the cooler weather. Not actually what I planned on doing this afternoon, but this is probably a better idea.


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