Friday, July 11, 2014

Canada Day

I LOVE Canada Day. To me it official heralds the summer holidays! Even though my kids had already been home for a week, summer doesn't officially become summer until Canada Day. The day started out dark and it almost looked as if it would rain on our parade! :o)

However, after lunch the sun came out and we hit the beach. It was beautiful. Even the water was swimmable despite the prolonged cold temperatures this past winter and spring.

Then it was barbecue time. No pics of that however. Too busy eating. :o)

Around 8:30 or so, we set off to watch the fireworks. The sun was setting as we drove. Beautiful!

Last year we started going to a different location and we couldn't be happier. At this place it is almost all families. The "crazies" and "hoodlums" all go to the fireworks on the bay in the city. These would be considered hick town fireworks, but they're fantastic. You're so close, you can lay on your back and watch them.

Once the fireworks are over it was time to head home, sleep in the tent, and begin to enjoy the fullness of summer!


  1. We sang, "O Canada!" on Canada Day!

  2. Hooray for "hick town fireworks" sans nut jobs ;D I don't like to go down to the bay for ours either. I prefer to watch from my parents' deck and see all the neighbors!


  3. Wonderful photos Deborah. I hope you are enjoying your summer.


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