Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Staff of Life

Okay white bread really can't and shouldn't be the staff of life, but this bread is amazing. I can no longer have it, since I am experimenting with no sugar and no wheat to see if there is a connection with them and my migraines, but I still like to make it, so I can enjoy the smell. :o) My family also thinks I'm the best mom EVER when I make this. Just kidding!! I originally found this recipe for Squirt to use for her science fair. It's super simple and she actually has it memorized. In fact she is the one that often makes it. She did a science fair project about what leaving makes the best bread. Yeast won of course, but we're going to need to try the sourdough again sometime. I think her first attempt at sourdough flopped.

 I digress! You've read this far because you want a recipe for the simplest most delicious white bread ever. The credit goes entirely to Donna Currie at Cookistry and you can find it right here on her website. I love her whole site. Great recipes, fun ideas, and just neat things to try. If you try her recipe, please let her know that you enjoyed it too! I know we do!!

I forgot to mention. Now that the science fair is done, we always double the recipe. That way there is one to go with supper and one as a treat for lunches the next day.



  1. It looks so tasty! You remind me that I need to get the bread maker out of the garage and get started on my Easter cinnamon rolls.
    Happy Easter, Deborah!

  2. I have no doubt it is delicious. Yes, our family does love that homemade bread… it is always hard for me, because I can't seem to resist when baking those things. For holidays and special days I do just enjoy, but find I have to get back into the right momentum quickly… or else I really struggle. Have a wonderful Easter.

  3. Oh yum! Those are beautiful. I hope you find relief for your headaches. I used to have them and it was awful. :(

  4. I'm totally going to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!!


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