Thursday, April 17, 2014

Planting Seeds and Recycling

Spring fever has bitten and bitten hard! For the first time in many years, I started some plants from seed. I figured that we might not get outside any time soon, and I needed to feel the dirt under my nails, so I started some plants from seed indoors. I also have a wonderful collection of egg cartons because we've been buying our eggs from the store lately. Our neighbour's hens decided that winter was being too cold and too long, so they quit laying for awhile and these cartons from the store eggs make great seed starters.

The plastic containers that hold our winter greens make handy "greenhouses" for the 1 dozen sized egg cartons.
I laid out my seeds, my cartons, and got my container of dirt nice and moist for filling my little pots.

Yay! I got to get my hands dirty!

My little overseer was helping out by keeping me company. This is very serious business you know!

Once all my seed were broadcast through the cartons, I covered them all and set them on the shelf in the mudroom to come to life!

And wadda ya know, three days later....

things are starting to grow. They're mini miracles those things we call seeds! I'm glad I know their Creator!


  1. BRILLIANT! I am definitely going to try this out! Our seedlings are having some difficulty this year, but I like the idea of using the plastic as a make-shift greenhouse! Also, you've made some great flower choices! :)

  2. So smart! That picture with your little doggie is sooooo cute. Mercy.

  3. I love getting my hands dirty, too! :) glad your plants are coming up. Did you just start them recently, or was this late winter? We're thinking about doing this next year. You'll have to let us know how it goes.

  4. I love the miracle of growing plants….beautiful. And you are just so cool. What an awesome post :)

  5. Thanks for the idea about using the plastic containers like greenhouses. I tend to put my flats into plastic bags and stick them up on top of the fridge. Sometimes, like right now, I end up with tall, leggy looking sprouts before I even know the seeds have germinated. I'll try it your way next spring.


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