Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Has Not Sprung

We had a teaser. Yesterday and the day before, it almost felt like spring. I went out to shake the back door mat and heard the robins and grackles. The dogs had a case of cabin fever, so I played with them in the yard for quite awhile in a sweatshirt -- no winter coat required. It was nicely above freezing and not a breath of wind. Today? Well today, it looks like this.

(First two photos taken through my dirty windows, hence the yellowish tint.)

And really, it's beautiful!

I'm busy in the kitchen today, and continuing to work on tidying and cleaning Bub's room while he is gone, so I'm not going to complain. Spring will come full force when it is ready. I'm just hoping Peach doesn't get off of work early today, or I'm not sure what I will do. Driving her to work wasn't too difficult, but picking her up will be a whole different story.

If it's snowing where you are, I hope you are enjoying it's beauty. Curl up with a cup of hot coco and window gaze. If it's not snowing and spring is on its way, enjoy some time outside for us northerners. :o)


  1. We've had spring yesterday and today… it has been so, so, nice. Steve even cleaned and hosed off the front and carport. It did actually snow 2 days ago; we have had the same thing as you… spring and then winter and then spring. We have heard the Meadow Larks, which is a sure beginning of spring, and gives us the hope of the season changing. Your snow is beautiful; I always think it is beautiful but I am truly ready for spring too. Have a lovely cozy weekend.

  2. So nice of Bub to go off so that you can get a chance to de-clutter his room unhindered. I hope you will pin it to our de-cluttering blog roll. I'm sure you are accomplishing so much more than I am this week. Yep.

  3. Oh no! I totally forgot the before and afters. I guess I can do the after, but you'll have to believe me on the before. How hard is it to imagine a teenager's messy room -- especially when deserted to go on a trip.:o)

  4. picture perfect view :) so peaceful. I too love all of the seasons. winter with it's freshness and cozyness, spring with all of it's beauty. The gray of this winter has gotten to me more than any other winter before, but that just makes the next season all that more joyful :) blessings!!!


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