Friday, March 14, 2014

One Very Neat and Clean Boy's Room

I warned the Boy that I would clean his room good while he was gone, and wow did it need it! I completely forgot to take before photos, but if you've had teenagers, I'm sure you can visualize what it may have looked like. Add into that the fact that he packed to leave the evening of his departure and you can imagine the mess he left behind.

I spent many hours working on his room. The closet does not store just his stuff, but camping gear and off season coats too. However, how much room does one male child really need in their closet anyways?

 This sign is posted on his door for a reason. :o)

 Entering his room, looking from left to right. He's not a pianist, but one of his close friends is, so we leave the electric piano in his room so they can jam together when M is over.
 Loft beds are marvelous for small rooms (or rooms filled with musical instruments). Originally all his Lego was stacked (in boxes) on either end of his desk. I've moved those boxes into the closet.

Yes, he has a window that he can climb out of in case of fire.
His bookshelf, now with room for more books! :o) I put his trophies safely away with his medals and ribbons. To the immediate left is his caj√≥n (said kahone) that my dad made for him, and on it are seven (yes, seven. {He won them in a contest}) pairs of Sol Republic headphones. He wears them all. Not at the same time of course. :o) I have a pair too -- and they are fantastic! I bought hooks so they can be hung right there on the wall because you're not fully dressed until you have your headphones on! ;o)
Right end of the closet. Boxes of Lego, Cd's, uniform shorts he needs to try on, his snowboard pants, and coats currently not in use.

His stuff! Life guarding texts, photo albums, drum skins, his box of medals, trophies, ribbons, etc. The brightly coloured box holds all his Lego instruction manuals. Blue hangers hold school uniform pieces. White are his work/casual clothes. It won't stay like that for very long, but it looks good for now.

All that's left is for him to go through this box below the Clavinova. I have no idea what he wants to do with it all -- or even what some of it is. The bulletin board will be hung before he arrives home with some of his favorite and exciting events of the past few months.

As far as cleaning and decluttering, this is all I mastered this week. I hope he likes it! Now on to getting the craft room tidy and useable again! I've linked up with the other ladies at Rambling On. If you'd like to show your completed decluttering project, feel free to join in with the rest of us!


  1. Oh my gosh - I think I have a pretty good idea of the before... hope The Boy is swooning with gratitude for the hours of work that went into that!

    And would you like to come to MY boys' room?! ;D


  2. You did SO much more than I did this week. I was late posting it, but we all have been at one time or another. Don't let that stop you from celebrating your accomplishment. I do hope he appreciates your efforts when he returns. Meanwhile, I can only imagine what the little ones were doing to some other corner of the house while you were busy in there! :0

  3. Lol! The little ones are actually really good. They were in the room next door happily reading books, playing with their toys, or sometimes watching a movie. Television is one of their favorite diversions! :o)

  4. I really love this!!!!!! Please please come to my house to help me :\ ah, I want to cry sometimes at how behind I am. I want my closets and rooms to be organized and I just can't keep up. I'm so glad you could do this for him!!

  5. Wow, this looks great! I'm inspired to do something to Will's room now. Scared, but inspired.


  6. That looks wonderful!!! I did the same thing when my son was at Scout camp this past summer. He would sure love a drum set like that. Sad thing is it has now returned to its pre-ordered/cleaned state. Ugh.

  7. I love to see things cleaned out… and it really is easier to get it all done when they are gone. I have done Eddies room a couple of times like this… while he was gone for most of it, and only coming back at the end, and then that way things are less emotional or hindered and I think Eddie liked me doing it. I loved how tidy all of the shirts looked in the closet, and how you used certain colored hangers. I am sure he is going to love it. I think doing this, plants something inside of them that helps organize their thoughts. Eddie has a sign on his closet door very similar to your son's sign, but it say "Caution enter at your own risk". I have seen some funny ones all over. Have a great week. Blessings to all

  8. You can come help us organize and pack! You truly have a gift, you know?


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