Monday, January 13, 2014

Holiday Creativity

I know, here we are almost half way into January already and I'm still talking about Christmas. The holidays for us was a true break from the daily running that we do year round. When you have seven children from a high school senior down to a kindergarten student, the interests of the children is bound to vary just a little. So between school activities, extra curricular activities, church activities, appointments, and just keeping everyone fed and clothed, the Engineer and I are on the road a LOT! I get most of my reading done while waiting for children, but the creative side wanes a little (okay, greatly).

We were thankful for little to no commitments during the holidays. It felt so good to sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, and have a day of nothing ahead. I got in my craft room and finally got it cleaned up again. Of course, once that was done, I had to sit at the sewing machine for a bit. I'm not going to admit to how many of these sewing projects have been laying around only partially completed.

First up. A hat. It didn't have a matching fleece for it. When I was cleaning up though and saw it, I thought of the remnant of green fleece that I had. It matched nicely so, some snipping, pinning, and stitching later, it was completed. It's not a really warm one as it doesn't cover Squirt's ears, but it's cute!

Then I "free quilted" a little quilt for the girls' dolls. Quilting is still a bit of a mystery to me. This one was easy. Two pieces of fabric, some batting in between, free stitch all over it, add a binding, and it was done. Believe me though. You do not want to look too closely. It took me most of the quilt to get the hang of free quilting.

This next project was sooo easy, I'm not sure why I never finished it. It's for storing my lettuce from the garden in the summer time. I can pick it, wash it, and toss it in the bag to drain, and then put it in the keeper in the fridge. All this is, is a tea towel folded in half and stitched up two sides. Then a ribbon is sewn on part way down so the bag can be tied off.  It looks pretty now, but I can imagine what a summer of use is going to do to it. I wonder if they make dark coloured tea towels...

This  next project was the big fail. It was going to be for the Engineer's great nephew, but the little guy is now almost a year old. It didn't turn out remotely as I had envisioned it in my head and I know why. I finished it so that I have it as a reminder of how not to make it. I loved the idea, the flannel fabric, the colours, and the ribbons, so I will likely make one again, but it won't look like this one. :o)

Next up is a hat completed on a round knitting loom. I love the loom because the projects are super fast, but I need to start getting a little more creative with them. This hat turned out so baggy that I sewed some fleece into it in the ear area. It now stays nicely on the girls' heads and has the added bonus of keeping their ears warmer.

This is one of my favorite projects to date. One is Bub's and the other belongs to Beans's favorite boy.

Beans did all the sewing and stuffing of this one --except the applique part. It's a little challenging even for me, and I didn't want her getting all frustrated. In case you're wondering what dog breed that is, it's a Neopolitan mastiff. For some reason, I always think of ice cream when I hear that name. I wonder why? ;o)

I did this one. Bub loves wolves! Yes, the fleece is the exact same. It just shows how different lighting can make the same thing look very different. Ever wonder why you look so yucky in public restrooms? Yes, it's the lighting. Really, who wants to linger in the restroom? But just in case! Okay, back on topic. Bub chose the silhouette of a howling wolf. That was going to be my choice too, but he didn't know that. :o)

I have some more projects that I will show soon, but I have to finish getting my floors clean just in time for children to walk through the door.

Happy Monday!



  1. These are fantastic! I love the pillows! xx

  2. Awesome!!! It's fun to see your creativity at work :)

  3. Well done! Isn't it fun to have a chance to do some of those crafty projects you've been wanting to get to? Glad you had a nice Christmas break.

  4. Almost three months in a remote village without your blog left me going into withdrawal!!! Your kids have grown up so much, and I'm loving catching up on your lovely pictures...

  5. Such creative projects and good for you in getting them done!!! :)


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